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– The beginning –

Even at a young age Lorrèn was infected with the music virus: “Growing up in our home was amazing, as long as I can remember there was always music playing in in our house. Sometimes we would listen to CD’s and at other times we were singing songs together. I am very attached to my family and they have introduced me to lots of different styles of music. Actually, I knew then that I wanted to be on stage, but I was too young to be seriously ready to get started.”

Through hard work, she shared stages with Mathilde Santing, Paul van Kessel, Susanne Alt, Giovanca, Ruben Hein, Sabrina Starke and Al di Meola in the ‘North Sea Jazz Club’ and other venues throughout the country. The last years she also performed in various places such as ‘The Sugar Factory’, ‘Jazz Festival Delft’, ‘Uitmarkt’ and in the ‘Amsterdam ArenA’. Mostly as a solo artist and sometimes as part of ‘Wicked Jazz Sounds’.

Single Cover Lorrèn - The Game Of Love
– Record deal and first single ‘The Game Of Love’ –

While Lorrèn was looking for her own unique sound she signed a record deal with ‘Stargate Music’ in the summer of 2014. This was the first time she started to work on her own music. This resulted in the release of ‘The Game Of Love’ in the spring of 2015. The song is full of charm, musicality with raw edges and a melancholic undertone.
After hearing the single music expert Leo Blokhuis named Lorrèn the promise of 2015 and radio DJ Giel Beelen has even called the singer “the pride of the Netherlands”. For weeks the single was in the top 40 of the most played songs on the Dutch radio and also across the border the singer gathered attention. VEVO promoted the video for ‘The Game Of Love’ and there are international performances on the schedule.

– ‘Radio 2 Talent’ –

In the summer of 2015 Lorrèn was named ‘Radio 2 Talent’. Meaning that she got two months of airplay on Radio 2, played live in the studio, has the support of the radio station and of course that she can carry the title ‘Radio 2 Talent’. On June 28 the news was announced live on the radio to Lorrèn in the program ‘Paul!’ by Paul Rabbering: “All the DJs here at Radio 2 put their heads together and thought, we should just appoint Lorrèn as Radio 2 Talent. What a beautiful song you delivered and we were unanimous: what a good singer!”

struggle singlecover
– Debut album ‘Shades of Blue’ and second single ‘Struggle’ –

In the fall of 2015, to be precise on 23th October, the now 23-year-old singer Lorrèn will release her debut album ‘Shades of Blue’. Inspiration for the music is taken from artists such as Selah Sue, Adele, Amy Winehouse but also Lorrèns great jazz heroine Ella Fitzgerald: “Music must be real and what all these women have in common is that they touch my heart when they sing. Hopefully I will be able to do that with my first CD as well.”

The title for the album came to the singer spontaneously: “Blue is my favorite color: royal blue, gray blue, sky blue, sea blue, baby blue, I think it’s all very beautiful… it all depends on the moment. The various “shades” are symbolic of the things I’ve experienced in my life. Usually I see everything as sea blue, but sometimes I have moments where everything is dark blue for a moment.This is all inflected in my songs, although I think it’s very important that all the songs that I write have a positive undertone. That’s the person I am in my day to day life: with a good dose of positivity you’ll just get a bit further and you can make people and, most importantly, yourself happier.”

The second single from the album is called ‘Struggle’: “The song is basically about life, there are times that you struggle to stay positive. I wrote this song when I was a little down and needed to hear the words to comfort myself. Now, I’d like to share that message, maybe it can help someone else with it. That’s actually what I want to achieve… I hope to make people feel more positive about their lives, so that they see lighter blues again!”

‘Struggle’ is out on September 28
‘Shades of Blue’ is out on October 23




Lorrèn - Shades of Blue

My very first album ‘Shades of Blue’ is out NOW!

I can’t believe it! After all the hard work and dreaming about releasing my own album one day. I can finally say that my dream has come true!

Working with my band and creating new songs is what I was made to do! Now it is time to share this with you.


You can also find the CD in stores of Plato and Concerto Recordstore across the country!

Picture by Laura Andalou

Lorrèn bij DWDD!!

What a day yesterday, still trying to grasp it. Thanks to all the sweet comments! Really happy that I had the chance to perform at DWDD! Did you miss it? See me do the famous “one minute” here:

Next stop releasing my album and celebrating that with a show at the North Sea Jazz Club on November 5th. Here is the video before the show with my debut single ‘The Game of Love’.


Struggle is available NOW!

WHOHOOOO!! It’s finally here! My second single ‘Struggle’ is available NOW on iTunes, Deezer, Soundcloud and Spotify. In addition to that the videoclip is online today too! Let me know what you think!

Go check it out now:
Youtube link:

Hope you like it:) Oh and feel free to like & share;-)


Crowd funding project: Debut album from ‘Radio 2 Talent’ Lorrèn

My album is almost finished and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Before I can, there are a few things I still have to get done and therefore I would like to ask you something. It isn’t easy for me to ask this, but it would really help me to get to the next level.

I want to give you the best of me and so I ask of you to become part of my debut album. You can do that by donating an amount that you can choose yourself for my crowd funding campaign on Voordekunst. With every donation you get something fun in return.

You would really help me sooo much!! Feel free to share with your family and friends, thanks!

Check out this link:

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