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– The beginning –

Even at a young age Lorrèn was infected with the music virus: “Growing up in our home was amazing, as long as I can remember there was always music playing in in our house. Sometimes we would listen to CD’s and at other times we were singing songs together. I am very attached to my family and they have introduced me to lots of different styles of music. Actually, I knew then that I wanted to be on stage, but I was too young to be seriously ready to get started.

– Debut album ‘Shades of Blue’ –

Lorrèn released her debuted album ‘Shades Of Blue’ in 2015. The CD is a mix of soul, jazz and pop. Lorrèns debut single ‘The Game Of Love’ and top 40 hit made her Radio 2 Talent earlier that year.

Now in the fall of 2016 Lorrèn signed to a new label (DOX) and is ready for the next step in her career, with the new single ‘Hideaway’: “The song is about having your own place that you sometimes have to share with someone else. I have lived alone since I was nineteen and my house was a place where I could just do my own thing. This year I moved in together and suddenly I shared that sacred place with another person. My house was no longer just my hideaway, but little by little it became the hideaway of me and my boyfriend.”

On October 5, Lorrèn officially presents new material in Paradiso for the start of her fall tour. The new songs are described as young jazz with a pop vibe: “When people think about jazz they still think about difficult music with beeps and squeaky sounds, where you have to listen and sit down. While I think that jazz may also be airy. My new songs, often have a pop structure, my voice gives it a jazz twist.”

The new album is set to be released in 2017.

“Some of the songs on the last record I wrote when I was fifteen, since then I’ve grown. Not only in text and music, but I wanted to be more in charge of this project, I really thought about who I wanted to work with, how I wanted to collaborate with them. I just decided that I wanted to be much more involved this time around. ”

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